Wigiv App

Wigiv is the world’s simplest, fastest, most intuitive donation platform. Give your members direct access to:

  • Donate
    Our incredibly secure platform features options for single, recurrent and guest donations. Wigiv offers your members the ultimate level of convenience with multiple accepted payment methods, including: credit or debit cards, and bank accounts.
  • My donations
    This section of the app allows each member to see all of their donations as they are made in real time, whether single or recurrent, and the exact amount that was processed - we call it the instant receipt.
  • Timeline
    Members will have unrestricted access to all your latest posts, photos, events and more. All new content is previewed using push notification technology, and shown across all your social media pages.
  • Be a Volunteer
    There are people in your community that want to get involved. Make it easier for them. Our app displays a list of all available volunteer spots, making it that much easier for your followers to do their part and get involved.
  • Events
    Members will be instantly notified with updates on all new events, with pictures, descriptions, exact dates and locations. They will also have the ability to confirm their attendance so you can receive an exact headcount of attendees in real time.
  • My account
    Get full access to member profile data, which can be used for future reference and edits.
  • Videos
    We’ve made it easy for you to broadcast live events, services or simply build your own library of memorable events to share with members. With live events videos your app follows your members wherever they go, even when they are traveling or on vacation.
  • Share with friends
    Sharing is the best way to raise awareness and increase the number of participants. With Wigiv, you can seamlessly share all timeline content, invite others to join and so much more.

Wigiv Pro

The same great features and benefits, but with more. Now you can completely customize your app for a full-fledged, personalized branding experience.

  • Upload your own logo for branding
  • Upload your own background photo
  • Choose among a variety of colorful pallets to find the one you love
  • Name your own app
  • Create an abundance of unique content

Wigiv builds your app, gives you an identity and seamlessly uploads it to the Apple and Google Play store. We can get you there in a matter of days, how fast you can grow is up to you


Wigiv Portal

With Wigiv’s fully-loaded admin panel, you gain complete control over your app. Now you can easily manage all content, monitor donations and oversee member activities for reporting and tax purposes.

  • Dashboard
    The one place where you can monitor total giving, users, downloads and so much more – all done from a centralized page where all your relevant data lives.
  • Timeline
    Create and send content, messages, photos and so much more through your portal. Have multiple social media platforms? Our centralized control panel lets you seamlessly share content across all of them - It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.
  • Events
    It’s easier than ever to create events, upload pictures and add descriptions. Receive a real-time headcount of who’s attending, who’s not and who might be.
  • Donations reports
    Now your admin can run filtered reports in a variety of ways, including: donation type, payment type, by member and status. We’ve simplified the process of creating tax reports, it just takes a few clicks.
  • Virtual terminal
    Wigiv makes it easy to process credit card transactions that were obtained manually from members. Everything can be done in one place, from your portal.
  • Member’s database
    A centralized tab where you can manage member information such as: personal addresses, emails, phone numbers, attendance and availability for volunteering positions.
  • Staff
    With Wigiv, you benefit from multi-level access. Now personnel across your organization can collaborate at different levels, depending on their role. We’ve taken the control and put it in the palm of your hands.
  • Settings
    This is the heart of your content, where donation types, volunteer opportunities and video uploads can be monitored and controlled.

Additional services: Need more services? You can request them right here! We offer everything from next-day funding and added payment methods to simple cash advance requests. Wigiv has everything you need and more.


Wigiv Cash Advance

Get the Money You Need, When You Need It
Wigiv Cash Advance Program

It’s always been our goal to offer our customers the most competitive cash advance program in the market, that’s why we’ve partnered up with ePayData funding. Wigiv understands that when you are committed to a greater purpose, your time is limited and we don’t want you to spend it searching for funds. You have confidence in your donors, but your bank doesn’t have confidence in you – good thing we do. Our cash advance system helps you get the money you need, exactly when you need it, because Wigiv wants to see you succeed.

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Wigiv Cash Advance

How to apply?
From you Wigiv panel, go to “Cash Advance” – “Request advance”, and enter all additional information requested.
Aftera cash advance has been requested, we will immediately contact you over the phone to finalize your application. It just takes a few simple steps.Once your application has been process and approves, we will deposit your funds directly into your bank account. This only takes a few business days.

What is the cost?
We use a factor rate of 1.20 (or less depending on credit worthiness) to calculate the amount of your cash return.

How do I pay back the advance?
During the next 6+ months after receiving your advance, you will be discounted approximately 20% of every daily deposit, until the full amount is paid back in full.

How do I pay back the deposit?
During the next 6 months after receiving your advance, you will be discounted approximately 20% of every daily deposit, until the full amount is paid back .

Do you want to learn more?
Contact us! info@wigiv.co
1-888 874- 3627

Security is a top priority

We understand that ever changing times and security challenges that mobile transactions represent. Therefore, security has been always a top priority for WIGIV. We have designed a solution to provide our customers and users with the peace of mind that would help them feel eager to keep growing your organization. Simply put, we are Safe, Trusted, Reliable and Strong.

We use different data encryption technologies to ensure each transaction travels safe and encapsulated to its intended destiny. At the same time, we have in place several monitoring systems that will alert our team of any suspicious activity.
We are certified PCI Compliance Level 1 or PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), meaning that the banking and financial industry trust us to do transactions with them.We proudly hold this certification since 2014 when Trustwave granted us with it.
We have designed our systems around the odd that one day a meteorite can hit our server’s facility. Reason why, we have mirror servers farm across different locations to ensure an optimal uptime and system response.
Yes, we have an awesome system, but is also very strong. They idea behind is for our system to be ableto serve multiple simultaneous transactions and to keep growing as needed. We can increase our operational capacity at any given time; this to ensure you that we are capable to handle any high peak of transaction and requests.