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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reconcile the donations with my bookkeeping software?
Yes, WIGIV has a very powerful reporting system that allows you to search and filter donations based on date, donation type, donor name, etc. Also, you can download this report as an excel spreadsheet or PDF file that can be downloaded to your bookkeeping software.

How do I start a refund?
You can send an email to specifying your organization name and donation data (amount, donor name, date) and we will complete this process for you.

Who can see the donations?
The donations are private, therefore just the platform administrator can see and download donations and reports. However, you can invite other staff members to help you administrate all the user engagement tools we provide.

What kind of reports do I get access to?
– Donation Reports: detailed reports of all donations made through the system
– Members Report: database of all registered members information
– Volunteers report: within your members report, you will find those who applied for volunteer opportunities
– Dashboard: centralized overview of all donation activities and key metrics

How fast do I receive the funds in our bank account?
On average credit card Transactions take between 1 to 2 business days to post, while ACH (Bank Account) take between 2 to 5 business days. If you qualify for “next day funding”, you can receive your deposits as fast as 1 business day. See your account rep for more details, or apply through your admin portal.

Can I request training for a new staff member?
Absolutely, yes. We would love to give you a full training or a refresher course. Simply contact your account rep to schedule it.

How to add YouTube videos to your archive?

YouTube is a very powerful video platform. Not only is widely spread, which will give you more exposure, but also is a great tool to engage people without compromising your organization budget. However, free doesn’t always mean costless. YouTube monetization rules have changed and have changed a lot, to the point that often it’s going to display undesirable and unrelated content to the users, even though you are embedding a video on the app.

To avoid that, we can use a trick every time we are adding a video. Here are the steps:

• Copy the URL of the Video you want to add: i.e. (
• Identify the Video ID. Is the part at the end of the URL: In the previous URL is this one here: ZOBIPb-6PTc
• Use this based URL: and replace the VIDEOID place holder with the original desired video id. In this case, it would be like this: and replace
• Now you can paste the URL into your admin.

You can check the following video for a quick demo:

How do we register?
Just follow this link and register your name and organization following the step-by-step application form. It’s easy, fast and friendly.

Do you provide supporting material to educate our organization?
Yes, we have a library of digital content that will allow you to better understand how Wigiv can benefit your organization, as well as some videos that will help you to train your staff in critical areas such as member engagement.

If WIGIV safe?
Wigiv is safe and reliable. We use different data encryption technologies to ensure each transaction travels safe and encrypted to its intended destination. Wigiv is certified PCI Compliance Level 1 or PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), a Bank Level certification.

How long does it take to be up and running?
After a complete registration, the approval process takes 48 hours on average, and you can be up and running immediately with the basic app. If you chose Wigiv Pro, a project manager will contact you to request some digital/graphical assets such as logo and pictures to start the app assembly process. Once the app is ready and approved by you, we will then submit it to Apple Store and Google Play, which will add another 7-business days on average.

Can I see a demo before signing up?
Yes, absolutely. Please follow this link and one of our account reps will contact you to schedule a live demo of the app.

What’s your cancelation fee? Policy?
Wigiv is a month-to-month subscription service. If for some reason Wigiv is not for you, please kindly give us 30 days notice and we will cancel your account without any penalties.

Do I need to have a merchant account?
Yes, we will open a merchant account for credit card acceptance on your behalf, but it is all embedded in your app and seamless for you.

If is safe to use this app? 
The short answer is yes. We use different data encryption technologies to ensure each transaction travels safe and encrypted to its intended destination. Wigiv is certified PCI Compliance Level 1 or PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), a Bank Level certification.

How do I make a donation?
There are three ways to make a donation: you can either select donate from the main menu (top left corner) or you can use the floating button (android) or the navigation icon (iPhone). Donations can also be made online if your organization has and features a Wigiv donation link button. Watch tutorial here

Why do I need to register?
A full registration allows you to enjoy all the privileges and perks of a closed digital community. The app becomes your organization’s own digital wallet and provides live access to all events, news and videos from your organization.

How do I stop a recurrent donation?
Go to the “My Account” tab of the app menu, where you will see a recurrent donations section. In the list of recurrent donations, swipe to the left on the one you would like to delete.

How do I add a payment method?
You can add payment methods at the moment of making a new donation. On the donation page you can either select an already established payment method, or you can create a new one.

Can I edit my payment methods?
Existing payment methods cannot be edited, for security reasons. We only allow new payment methods to be added, or existing ones can be deleted, both can be done from your mobile app.

How I can delete a payment method?
Go to the “My Account” tab of the app menu, where you will to see a payment method section. In the list of payment methods, swipe to the left on the one you are planning to delete. Watch tutorial here

How do I request a refund?
This process can only be completed by your organization. Contact them directly and they will be able to address this matter for you.