We are a team that believes in generosity, honesty, passion and the good nature of mankind: Together, we can change the lives of millions one at a time. We believe in what we do, our mission, what our clients do and we are moved by the new things they create. Their purpose is our purpose and we are inspired to make a difference. We are your ally.

Our story: Every good deed sends a positive impact that affects other people around the world. A church donation may not seem like much, but it could help heal a child, help a student graduate, or give a mother the resources she needs to put food on the table. This is where our passion begins and these are the changes we strive to see.

Both of our founders are experts from the payment processing industry, who believe in generating a positive impact for fellow neighbors through acts of care, compassion and giving. To accomplish this, our company looks to build a bridge between intent and action. We hope to provide innovative tools and technology for religious and non-profit organizations across the globe.

We hope that our brand becomes the lace that bonds us allies come donation time, generating a positive impact that will influence our communities and resonate to others all over the world.

Team member
Marcelo F. Paladini
Our co-founder and CEO is a veteran in the electronic payment processing industry, with several business awards and recognitions. His passion about emerging technologies, led him to start Wigiv with the goal of applying all his knowledge and experience in creating a transparent payment and engagement platform that benefits all non-profit and religious organizations. He is an avid sportsman currently residing with his family in California.
Michael W. Dinnen
Co-founder and adviser, Michael has participated in multiple business activities since leaving the United States Army in 1979, where he served as an infantry officer for over 3 years. Since 2001 he has been dedicated to entrepreneurship in the areas of merchant services; specializing in developing cutting edge technology. His company, ePayData Inc., our payment provider, enables thousands of merchants nationwide for credit and debit card acceptance.
Team member
Team member
Oswaldo Otero
CPO and co-founder, with a strong technical background, and ministry experience, he brings a
unique perspective to Wigiv: Technology and Hope. He is not only the person leading Wigiv as a product, but also serves as our liaison to bridge Wigiv and all community-based organizations, helping them translate their needs into useful technology solutions.
Ana Maria Cardona
Our finances Ninja, Ana holds a degree in finance and international trade. She oversees, books, records and finances, which allow us to grow healthy and strong. A mother of two girls, a wife and a ministry leader, Ana Maria contributes immensely, organizing our records, and accelerating our growth.
Team member
Team member
Kenny Lopez
VP Of Sales, Kenny joined Wigiv in early 2017 with the intention of making us grow beyond expectations. Bringing in over 10 years of sales experience in the hospitality industry, he has one and one mission only: to reach out to as many NPO’s, churches and schools as possible, to ensure they have the chance to use the countless benefits Wigiv can provide.
Carolina Chávez
Custom App Developer, Carolina grew up in Miami, Florida and graduated from Florida International University. Her extensive volunteer work with non-profit organizations and ministry provides insight into the needs and challenges of our clients. Her background in research combined with her natural creativity has made her a strong asset to our company
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