6 Reasons to embrace Mobile Giving

It is not a secret that the mobile frenzy has taken over the world. It is not a trend, is not a fade, it is the modern day’s lifestyle. Can you remember when people use to call their friends and relatives during holiday or special occasions? Not going to far, I remember when I use to by Father’s Day cards. Today, we post, like, share, poke, snap, tweet, and even pin our emotions and feelings.

Giving, is as emotional as any other task in people’s life. It is deeply connected to our heart. And yes, I agree church giving is a biblical mandate, but we will be fooling ourselves if we do not recognize the emotional attachment to it.

When we give to God, we feel: obedient, connected, part of the Kingdom, entitled to certain blessings, generous, richer, powerful and protected to name some of the emotions we feel. I am going to give you six reasons (there are so many more) why we need to embrace mobile giving in our churches.

Mobile Giving closes the generational gap

Let’s face it, there is still some age segregation (i.e. the older crowd doesn’t want to mix with the younger one and vice-versa) on the body of Christ. But we all have something in common. Our mobile devices. Smartphones is not the future like before. Smartphones are the now. In America alone, 71% of all internet browsing happens on a mobile device. It is ageless, it is genderless, we all depend of it and we all understand how to operate them.

When we allow our congregation to use an app or any other mobile device to give we make them part of a common ground. Take Siembra for instance. Siembra becomes a digital community united by common interests, we all go to the same church, we all share the same faith and we all are part of the same giving movement. Giving becomes a culture. Not just a thing of certain age group.

You can give when you feel it, not only when you are asked

I am yet to find in the Bible a passage that says we need to give only on Sundays. Giving to God is as emotional as is Spiritual. When we limit our congregation to give just on Sundays, is like ask them to only pray and worship when they go to church.

Mobile giving disrupts this pattern; we can give when we feel it, not only on Sundays. We have seen people giving on Tuesdays, Thursdays, etc. This is the power of mobile apps and the power of immediate apply to the church.

Mobile giving allows you to give of what you have, not only what you are limited to

Cash? Is that an App. Well yes, it is an app. Cash is what people don’t carry any longer. People normally have linked 3-5 bank accounts or debit cards on their phone. The need for cash, has been reduced dramatically.

Mobile giving is a great way to allow people to discovered their generosity. See, biblical giving is not a matter of quantity, is a matter of sacrifice. You can give all the cash you have on you today and that doesn’t mean you sacrificed much. When we allow our congregation to give from what they really have, we are opening an untapped generosity among them.

Mobile giving at church increase your donations by 30%>50%

It is proven; in 2015-2016 we saw a boom of restaurants and coffee chains taking mobile payments at location. They took a risk and the number of sale showed that they took the right one. Why? Because of the convenience of mobile payment (you can have more payment methods on your phone than in your wallet). It is easy to use, it is trendy, it is less complicated and it is there for you.

We have seen churches increasing their donations by over 30>50 percent within the month they launched Siembra. Those are real numbers and I think that alone motivates people to embrace mobile giving.

Because is the “Godly” thing to do

Well, it is. Deuteronomy 14:24-27 talks about the options people have to give to God. What happen if a person, is feeling the need to sow a seed, but can’t because of distance, location or simply because, today you don’t have church. Are you going to stop them from being a blessing and being blessed?

Mobile giving allows people to be as generous and spontaneous as they can and want to be. Is a tool to serve the modern day’s Levite and to expand the Kingdom of God

Because they are already doing it, they are just not giving to your church

If your concern is that Mobile Giving is to modern for your church? Well we have big news for you: 76% of smartphones owners are already, buying, paying, selling or doing some sort of financial transaction using a mobile device. In other words, they are giving through their phone. They are just not giving to your organization

Speaking on behalf of the Siembra team, we truly want to help you to be the next success story of Church Growth (financially and in membership). Allow us to show you how we can make this happen.

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