What is Wigiv?

Discover all the benefits and possibilities our platform has to offer. Wigiv is a mobile and desktop-friendly platform that promotes the growth of Churches and NPOs. With Wigiv, these organizations can easily receive safe donations, monitor revenues and review reports while connecting to their communities. Help your Organization grow today with Wigiv.


  • Tell your story
    Stay connected with your followers and let them know what you’re up to. All made possible through your own mobile application, this is where your donors “live”.
  • Organize events, set calendars and always have an accurate head count
    All easily accomplished from your personal control panel, anywhere, anytime.
  • Connect with your community
    Share events, photos, messages, videos and so much more.
  • Make donating safer and easier
    Let your supporters reach you in the easiest way possible, via their mobile phone, online or live at your event. It only takes a few easy steps.
  • Track your donations
    Access detailed reports, manage funds and keep everything under control.
  • Make life easier for your contributors
    Provide instant donation receipts and tax reports for all of your followers.
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  • Your own timeline
    Sharing is easier than ever. Now any church can share messages, photos, devotionals, events and so much more within their community.
  • Never miss a service
    Wigiv makes you mobile. This app lets members contribute to their church during service, while traveling or on vacation. Everything is simple, safe and can be done from a smartphone.
  • Unleash their generosity
    Who doesn’t prefer an easier giving experience? Checks and cash are limited and create unnecessary complications. With only a few taps, you can access what’s in their hearts today.
  • Pray more. Work less
    You’ve done enough. Sit back, relax. Let our detailed reports and control panel do all the heavy lifting for you.
  • Recruit more volunteers
    Members in your community want to donate their time. Make it easier for them to get involved. Wigiv lets you publish your volunteer program positions and gather more support from your community.
  • Let us help your Organization grow!
    Foster growth with access to cash advances. Click here to learn more about this benefit.
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How do I get started?

You’re just 3 steps away from launching your very own app

Simple Pricing

Start with the basic program and upgrade to a custom app as you grow. Our app is loaded with free features, and all future upgrades are on the house. We want you to know that everything you need is included.

Wigiv App
$0.0 / monthly
  • Wigiv app for Android
  • Wigiv app for iPhone
  • 2.90% for credit/debit cards
  • 1.25% for checks/ACH
  • No sign–up fees
  • $25 minimum monthly billing
  • Portal access
full custom app
Wigiv Pro
$59 / monthly
  • Wigiv app for Android
  • Wigiv app for iPhone
  • 2.90% for credit/debit cards
  • 1.25% for checks/ACH
  • No sign–up fees
  • $0 minimum monthly billing
  • Portal access
  • Personalize app with your name
  • Personalize app with your logo
  • Choose your app’s color
  • Choose your app’s background image

No sign-up fees. No hidden costs. Period.

Deposits are made the next business day. Our fees cover all processing costs plus what it takes to maintain a secure and reliable processing environment. To learn more about Wigiv safety, click here.

Why Wigiv?

What makes Wigiv the best option? We focus on what matters:


Stay connected with your followers through an easy to use mobile application.

User friendly
Wigiv is intuitive, predictable and user friendly.

Complete centralization:
Events, campaigns, reports and much more.
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What better way to tell your own story than from your own app.

Gain access anywhere, on your mobile phone, the web or manually.

Safety & Control
Your own portal lets you monitor, collaborate and manage your organization from the palm of your hand.

This is what our allies have to say

Nestor OchoaCSO (Community Soccer Outreach)Ruth VillamizarPastor Cindy OrtizChef Tatiana Vernot
As an international speaker and a life coach, I have often found myself with the challenge of connecting with my audience, and helping on their life improvements. This is something that distance and a busy schedule does not permit. One day I wake up in Miami and go to bed in Central America. WIGIV has helped me to be in touch and to break the boundaries that time and travel brings. Also, I can schedule a public event and allow my assistants to pre-pay their ticket or simply to schedule the event so I can gauge the assistance. In short, WIGIV has enhanced my business and my career.
Nestor Ochoa
As an organization, our focus is to do outreach for soccer events where we engage with local communities in need of different services. As a non-profit, our volunteers and supporter base is key to develop any program. WIGIV has given us a tool to communicate with them, to interact with them, to encourage those that were apart and are a tad distant from our activities, etc. By creating a sense of community, we create a sense of belonging. Now, we do not need to wait for an event to remind them that we need their donation. We use WIGIV to tell them how much we need, and to help them contribute.
CSO (Community Soccer Outreach)
Since we started using WIGIV at our congregation, the dynamics of the church life changed. We feel we can reach further and more often. Also, we use the app to engage our members on the series of sermons and on what God is speaking to our church. Giving has increased as people have discovered a new way to donate. We brought our church to a new season by partnering with WIGIV.
Ruth Villamizar
WIGIV has definitely changed the culture of our church. As technology evolves, so should the church. WIGIV has not only made it easier to give and receive donations, but it has increased our productivity by reducing time spent counting money and writing deposits. It has also reduced our risk of handling and losing money, and saved money on printing envelopes. If I could define WIGIV App in one phrase it would be "WIGIV, the smart way to give"
Pastor Cindy Ortiz
WIGIV is about the best thing invented to connect with my church! With my hectic schedule it is hard to remember events and meetings. WIGIV is always updated so I can quickly look to see what my church is doing. I also work a lot and sometimes if I am running a few minutes late to service I can play the service and watch it online! I love having the opportunity to do so since I do not like to miss any part of the teachings. Finally, WIGIV is incredible because it is the fastest, simplest and most secure way to donate, give my offerings to God and keep track of my finances with the church. I am happy to have an app like WIGIV because it does make life easier, it’s easy to donate, easy to navigate and easy to keep up to date and in touch with the church!
Chef Tatiana Vernot